Company Paid CDL Training

What is Company Paid CDL Training?

The definition of Company Paid CDL Training is when a trucking company pays for your tuition cost upfront and in exchange you agree to work for them as a company driver. The actual terms for each company may vary but the basic concept is the same. The company pays for your

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CDL Post Trip Inspection

As a new trucker you’re going to have to learn how to do a CDL post trip inspection. This, along with a pre-trip inspection, is one of the most important job requirements you will need to know.These inspections keep your trucking safe and help you keep your income up. It doesn’t

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Pros and Cons for a Truck Driver

Considering the Pros and Cons for a Truck Driver Any career or job can have its Pros and Cons and driving a truck for a living is no exception. If you have been seriously thinking about becoming a CDL Truck Driver for awhile and you like the idea of driving alone across the US, eating truck stop food and

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Local truck driving jobs in Chicago Illinois

Chicago is the city of Illinois, considered to be the metropolitan city. The average population in Chicago is above 2.176 million. With an increasing rate in population, the demand for employment rises. The government of Chicago takes care of the individuals. Therefore the unemployment rate is about 3.6%. Chicago

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