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Natex Intermodal is a trucking company based in Chicago, Illinois that moves freight throughout the country. It is a trusted company in the business when one needs to get their high-class freight moving. For the company, freight is just like information and is instructed to take special measures to ensure that the shipment reaches on time and in the best form, whether local or international. Natex is in this business for longer than any other company and moves many types of freight, such as General Freight, Household Building Material, Dry Bulk, Paper Products, and Intermodal.

Intermodal freight is raw material and products that are moved from one location to another in containers using a variety of means of transportation like semi-trailer trucks, container ships, and trains. This makes the travel of goods at a reduced cost and faster. Intermodal transportation is managed in accordance with multiple contracts using different carriers but under a single bill of lading. This same carrier is in charge of moving the shipments in every other mode.

Freight Forwarder Services

Freight Forwarder Services

Main customers of Natex Intermodal are Freight Forwarder Services.

The key component for many profitable businesses is their import and export. The international shipping can present lucrative business opportunities but also may seem daunting. For one who is not familiar with the term “freight forwarder” might have many doubts. Is it a company for shipping? An exporting or importing partner? A distribution manager? Well, a freight forwarder is not any of these but the one who takes on a little responsibility of all of the above.

The paperwork, regulations, and process involved in international trade may seem formidable. Nonetheless, but you can be successful in import and export business without getting engaged in the plan of logistics. To some up the meaning, a freight forwarder arranges your exporting and importing of goods.

 A freight forwarder services specialize in managing shipping and storage of merchandise in place of the shippers of the goods. It provides a complete range of resources, including export of documents and arrangements of shipping, cargo space booking, negotiating the charge of freight, keeping track of inland transportation, freight consolidation, taking care of insurance claims, and also cargo insurance.

What job does Freight Forwarders carry?

The tasks are vast when it comes to arranging international trade. While the freight forwarders services take care of the attributes of the shipping process, it is necessary to know what does the freight forwarders do. They do not involve in the actual transportation of the freight itself. The freight service is a mean between the shipper and various transportation services like if its ocean shipping, then on a ship that cargo, shipping by air, trucking and moving freight by rail.

The services establish a relation with transporters, from air goods and trucking companies like Natex to rail freighters and sea lines, to negotiate the most reasonable price for the transportation of the shipper’s goods down the best economical route by utilizing various bids and selecting that has the finest balance of every aspect.

The freight forwarder service act as the shipping agent for the shippers. These forwarders assist and advise clients on how the goods should be moved with efficiency from one location to another. The knowledge of a forwarder related to documentation requirements, transportation costs, banking practices, and regulations can ease the process of exporting import and export.

Do you need these services for your Import and export tasks?

A freight forwarder is not a requirement for exporting or importing goods. However, there are numerous tasks, regulations and more documentations is the process of importing and exporting and these documentations and regulations can also vary from one country to another, many to the successful traders of import and export business use a commercial freight forwarder.

The importance of Safe Trucking Service in Freight Hauling

import and export

The hauling of freight is the process that needs a great deal of expertise and attention. Without planning, the process can become a hassle, and you’ll face challenges that might result in total loss or damage to the cargo. Let us look at some of the potential needs, whether trucking becomes essential.

Large Freight

A trucking service of good quality will know how large freight should be handled, such as with the use of equipment and machinery. Since many companies use the flatbed truck to transport these materials and for that they must be fastened appropriately. The transportation of such large goods on your own or by inexperienced companies can result in accidents and damage of items. Due to the increase in fatalities by the use of flatbed trucks, you should be taking professional trucking services for safety purposes.

Easy transfer of goods at the shipping Dock

Unlike a plane or train, the truck can be used to pull up directly to a shipping dock to any building or warehouse where the cargo has to be picked. Other shipping methods require an extra step to get the goods to it. A container can also be preloaded to make it easier for the truck just to pick up the container without delay.

Oversized Loads

Trucks can transport a certain weight. If you try to load a truck by yourself or go for the company which has not gone through sufficient vetting can lead to certain legal issues. In addition to that, oversized loads increase the possibilities of a truck to break down or cause an accident. Trucks used should also manage in the right way to utilize its properties; no company would allow the drivers to load the trucks over its maximum capacity.

An Easier way to Port-to-Warehouse process

Trucks are so far the best option for the transportation of cargo from the port to any warehouse. A port might have machines that pick the container and places it on the truck directly. This helps the shipping process to work faster as the containers are not unloaded and then again reloaded the cargo for shipping.

Where you can find Natex intermodal

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