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As a new trucker you’re going to have to learn how to do a CDL post trip inspection. This, along with a pre-trip inspection, is one of the most important job requirements you will need to know.These inspections keep your trucking safe and help you keep your income up.

It doesn’t take long for problems on a truck to develop from small ones to big ones. By taking a few minutes of your time before and after any long haul to inspect your truck, you’ll be able to spot any irregularities and handle them before they turn into major problems.

Here are the most important CDL post trip inspection points you should be looking for.

1. Check for leaks

Check for leaks TRUCK

After you have parked your rig and it has been sitting for a while, take a look underneath it for any signs of leakage. You’ll have to make sure that you have parked in a dry area so that any leaks will be instantly noticeable. If you do see anything suspicious, it will need to be investigated right away.

2. Check your tire pressure

Check your tire pressure TRUCK

Check all the tires to make sure that their pressure is still okay and they don’t show any obvious signs of wear. Leaks and tire issues are the number one cause of downtime for any trucker.

3. Check your lighting

Make sure that all of the lighting is still in working condition. Walk around your rig as part of your CDL post trip inspection to check all of the lights. While you are doing this walkabout you should also look for any loose parts that are mounted and make sure that the wheel lug nuts are still tight.

4. Check your fluid levels

Open your hood and perform a quick inspection of the fluid levels. Do you have enough oil, coolant, power steering and transmission fluids? If not, take the time now to top them off to prevent any future problems on your next trip.

While you are checking your fluids take a look at your hoses and belts. If there’s any sign on either of them of wear or tear, take note that they will need replacing soon.

The CDL post trip inspection should be performed after every trip and a similar inspection should be done before the next one. Ask any trucker. He’ll have a horror story to tell about avoiding these inspections that is either personal or has happened to one of his trucking friends.

A CDL post trip inspection is something that you may want to avoid, especially if you’re tired after a long haul, but the consequences can be huge if it isn’t done. Learn how to do it quickly and effectively and view it as the completion of your trip.

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