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In the logistics and shipping world, intermodal is defined as the use of two or more means of transportation to carry a trailer or container. Natex Intermodal provides services where trucks are used for the on-land long shipping. With a shortage of drivers, strict safety rules, high prices of gas, and new rules of service hours, sole dependence for goods shipping is diminishing. NatexIntermodal offers drayage services for this very reason.

Drayage can be defined as the goods transported at a short distance, commonly as a minor part of a major and even complex chain supply system. The drayage services we provide will help you fill the left out gaps in the intermodal shipping and complete the transport to your destination. By understanding the origins and process of drayage, you will know how the Natex Intermodal handles the drayage services.

Drayage services:

Drayage services

In simple words, the words drayage indicates to a specialty organizational service which carries freight within a short distance. It is a necessary tool or intermodal shipping. Drayage is the container shipping production’s part. The term drayage refers to the niche service of shipping essential to love huge containers for a ship, truck, or rail.

In drayage services, usually, the containers moved are allowed to stay in the close region or same metropolitan area. This is very different from national shipping or broader regional. The drayage transport is often completed in the shift of a single driver. However, the drayage services we offer will leave you with no such worries. You will not have to worry about the region you want your freight to certainly you will be free from all that paper works regarding transportation.

The carriers of drayage must-have essential licensing and bonding, which will be taken care of by the services provided by Natex Intermodal and will also transport containers inside and outside the rail terminals, warehouses, ocean harbor, and ports. The facilities we provide usually include moving large steel containers off ship decks and rail cars and later loading them on the truck trailers. Then, the containers are hailed to a storage facility or warehouse to prepare them for a further step in the process of intermodal shipping. Drayage is a longer organizational process’s part, which is brilliantly looked after by the Natex Intermodal.

Transporting with our Drayage services:

The time-frame and distance taken by our drayage service to transport a container in the overall journey of the shipment from one place to another are very short. As soon as any container ship reaches the port, a huge contingency driver of the drayage service moves quickly to transport their assigned cargo.

Drayage intermodal means transporting freight to a warehouse, to other port, or carry to the last destination within a certain radius. Drayage is the necessary step for the supply chain. The only possible path to transport your freight from the intermodal terminal or port to the next transportation mode is through the drayage; the Natex intermodal, with a completely planned strategy, not only takes less time in the process but also uses efficient transportation back and forth.

In shipping, the essential step to maintain everything going smoothly in the delivery process is drayage. Nonetheless, as will additional shipping aspects, things may occur, which can cause drayage delay by some hours or at times even days. The services we provide have the ability to transfer the resources in order to make up for the time due to short distances.

Kinds of Drayage Containers:

Drayage Containers

The containers utilized for the transportation of freight we use are available in various size specifications along with multiple functions. The common container size varies from 20-feet and 40-feet to 45-feet in length. Most of these containers lie between 6-feet or 8-feet in total height.

Every container is made of either aluminum or steel, has utmost weight restrictions on freight loaded for shipment. For the Chicago intermodal transportation of freight, we make sure to maintain a specific temperature and certain refrigerated containers. Different types of containers include:

  • Standard or dry
  • Flat Rack
  • Refrigerated
  • Open top
  • High Cube

The container’s functionality and standard size make it very efficient to load and unload on any mode of transport. The drayage services we provide are equipped properly to handle any standard to the special shipping container.

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