Lite high visibility LED headlamps

Over the past month, Natex Chicago have been greatly affected by recent legislation and technology. At a Tuesday media event Freightliner Truck officials announced a major development in truck technology. Lite high visibility LED headlamps are now standard on all Freightliner Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution truck models.

Custom-engineered by Truck-Lite specifically for Freightliner‘s Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution models, the new LED lights are not only longer lasting, they also offer superior nighttime driver visibility and enhanced safety- resulting in improved object recognition at night. The LED beam pattern also reduces eyestrain for drivers and minimizes harsh headlight glare to oncoming traffic, a Freightliner spokesmen said.

If that doesn’t already appeal to truck drivers, the LED lights offer additional benefits as well. They are much more power efficient, reducing the draw on the vehicle’s electrical system and freeing up power for other uses. The overall result is a 50-times longer lighting system life than conventional halogen technology. Freightliner also ensured that these durable headlamps underwent vigorous field-testing in a variety of extreme weather conditions.

“We want every component on our products to not only be cost-efficient, but to enhance vehicle safety and productivity,” said Mary Aufdemberg, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “The Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution are industry leaders in safety, driving experience and lowest total-cost-of-ownership, and LED headlamps further enhance the products,” she added.

Partnership with Freightliner Trucks

Perhaps an even more promising indicator is that in January 2013, Freightliner Trucks offered the custom headlamp as an aftermarket and factory installed option for the Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution, and after seeing such a positive customer response to the benefits these new lights deliver, they are now being offered as standard on these model trucks.

Kentucky Trailer development

Kentucky Trailer also recently announced a similar development on all 2014 model trailers. Dual-function mini-LED lights will become standard, improving visibility and aiding safety concerns. The company assures these lights will have 50% more illumination than standard incandescent lights, a 50,000-hour life and draw less amperage as well.

Kentucky Trailer is also making a user-friendly exterior light replacement kit available and improving the nose box switch with a long-life LED light, which also reduces amperage draw. Additionally, a new top rail with an internal raceway will protect wires from damage and external elements. The rear header lights and clearance lamps will also use the new dual-function mini-LED lights, offering an advanced notice of stops and turns to following traffic.

While these two companies are the frontrunners in applying the benefits of LED lights to improved trucking models, other industry manufactures will likely soon follow, including St. Louis Truck Driving Jobs including training on installation and repair for all new employees.

By assessing your own characteristics, evaluating what you want to get out of this profession, and streamlining your approach to truck driving you will be fast on your way towards a new trade and a new life! The truck driving community takes care of its own, and the time couldn’t be better than now to apply for trucking jobs in Chicago!

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