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Being in a self-employed business is risky, yet the job of an owner-operator offers freedom, control over the business and a certain level of involvement. Our company, Natex Intermodal will provide with the same freedom of work considering all your rights as we run the sincere company for owner-operators. Looking for an owner-operator job, quit the search and approach the Natex Intermodal trucking company.

We are delighted to offer the best jobs for you as an owner-operator with the schedules that suit accordingly to your needs. If you own a truck and in search of employment, we are here to offer you our best owner-operator jobs with amazing benefits. If you are a certified CDL driver and do not have your equipment, not to worry, we will get you started and in no time you’ll be on the road with our provided trucks and trailers.

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What do we offer to owner operator?

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  • Open to any choices: Natex Intermodal offers you $1000 as a sign-on bonus after fuel every week. We are the true owner operator company and will not force anything on you against your will. You wish to go home due to circumstances, you are free to leave. We only work on assigned dispatches.
  • You have the freedom to follow your desire: you will not be restricted by us. We will offer you high dollar loads every day and depends on you whether you wish to accept or reject. You will have the complete freedom to plan out your loads. No shortage of opportunities.
  • Plate renewal: you must know that the registration of your truck will expire on the exact date it has listed for, it doesn’t wait for the month to end. Every vehicle owner receives a renewal notice via email 30 days before your exact date. However, no one will stand responsible in case you receive no notice, you need to keep a check and renew the registration before the expiry date. Once you make us responsible for your loads, you need not worry about the plate renewal criteria. We will be responsible for all the actions to be taken. Natex Intermodal will take care of your plate renewal.
  • When we talk requirements, you are simply asked to fill out an easy looking application to collect your necessary details. We only required neat driving skills and clean records. You will not be restricted in any other factor.

Why Choose Natex intermodal?

Natex Intermodal offers competitive payments strategies for owner-operator jobs. Paying a total gross of 80% for regional intermodal in contrast to many companies paying a 60-65% gross. We also provide an owner-operator with many other leniencies so that they work in an open and comfortable atmosphere keeping their freedom in mind.

We do not assert any owner with the requirement of the truckload but consider our owners and their over-the-road trucking career as well. We offer the top-up rates to owners for over-the-road of 88% gross and with $1000 sign of bonus which are some best rates not provided by many companies in the industry. Natex intermodal provide several benefits for owners who wish for OTR trucking jobs. Opportunities to view the country-side while driving 500+ miles on average per haul, earn money and enjoy the cross country hauls.

The no-touch freight policy also provides you with the resource to take another load as you deliver the original freight while wasting no time in loading and unloading the freight. This way you get to earn money as soon as you get back to the road. We consider the efforts of your services and do not require any forced dispatches i.e. you cannot skip the truckload for a day or even delay it over any logical reason.

How to get started with Natex Intermodal?

Once you set your mind to make us your care-taker, getting started is not a difficult task. You will not be asked to fill out complicated applications. We do not burden our owners with long procedures instead we provide an easy application process necessary to bring you on the road as soon as possible. Our company offer reasonable start-up fees and believe in using as well as providing the safest equipment available.

  • Quick qualification process which takes about a couple of days
  • No limitations of age on tractors
  • Orientation can be easily handled by phone – no requirements to travel anywhere
  • Maintenance for Loan/Advance program

Some noteworthy benefits:

  • 48 hours Quick pay
  • Discount trip-pack
  • Secure parking
  • No tax for permits
  • Highly competitive pay
  • Pre-pass from weight station
  • Cash Advances and Fuel Card
  • Direct deposit with weekly settlement
  • Checks by Mondays and bills on Fridays
  • Free to use company trailer
  • No forced dispatches
  • 24/7 dispatch

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