CDL Training

Paid CDL Training or company paid cdl training is when a trucking company pays for your training tuition cost upfront to attend their in house CDL training program. They may actually have their own training facility or send you to an outside independent truck driving school. Once you have completed the training program, they will officially hire you as a truck driver. Usually you will then be assigned a mentor driver trainer.

This trainer will take you under his or hers wings and teach the rules of the road.You will be spend anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks in the truck with the trainer, usually splitting the driving time, delivering the loads.This is referred to as paid training and also give you some practical driving experience so that you will be ready to get your own company truck and drive solo. During this period usually you will be paid a flat weekly amount.While with the trainer you will be able to get comfortable driving the truck and get familiar with life on the road as a trucker.

The company will set you up on a payroll deduction plan to pay back your training tuition. They usually spread the deductions out over a 24 month period and may offer a tuition reimbursement program. The terms are normally after a driver has paid the tuition in full they will setup a flat monthly reimbursement amount paid to you for every month you stay with the company.

So in theory, if you stayed with them 2 years, you would get back 100% of the tuition cost back and the cost would be zero to you. Each company has their own policy, make sure to ask them for details. Company Paid CDL Training is a great way to to get your CDL License and a job.

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