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Considering the Pros and Cons for a Truck Driver

Any career or job can have its Pros and Cons and driving a truck for a living is no exception. If you have been seriously thinking about becoming a CDL Truck Driver for awhile and you like the idea of driving alone across the US, eating truck stop food and possibly being away from home for weeks at a time then getting your CDL license and becoming a professional truck driver may be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are thinking about becoming a truck driver simply because you just lost your job, or you cannot find another job or it is your last resort, well you may want to think twice before jumping into a Big Rig Truck and traveling up and down the U.S. highways. Driving a truck for a living can be very rewarding or it can absolutely be your worst nightmare.

Driving a truck for a living is not for everyone

Driving a truckDriving a truck for a living is not for everyone; in fact, it calls for a special individual. Are you that special individual? Are you willing to make the sacrifices and life style changes required to be a successful truck driver? If you are not quite sure, then you may need to stop now and consider pursuing another career. The truth is there are many drivers that have no business being behind the wheel of a truck. It is not so much that they are bad drivers as much as they simply hate their job. It is very simple when a person hates their job they do not perform well on the job. The real question is if someone hates his or her job, especially driving a truck, then it is only a matter of time before something bad happens. It is not unheard of for a new driver to be thousands of miles away from home and decide that truck driving is not what they expected and end up parking the truck at a truck stop taking a greyhound bus back home.

Therefore, it is very important to consider every aspect of truck driving as a profession and consider every possible angle of how it will affect you and your family. If you still think, you want to be professional truck drivers, go for it! Now it is time to move forward and pursue your career. As mentioned earlier a trucking career can be very rewarding but it is like any other job you must prove yourself to move up the corporate latter and land a better paying job. Many times when the pros and cons for a truck driver are considered, the pros can outweigh the cons.

Are you ready to get your CDL License Pros and Cons?

You may want to start with the qualifications to get your CDL Class A Driver’s License. Learn How to get your CDL License and Tips for New Truck Drivers. You can also go to our homepage choose from a list of topics on Articles CDL Training.

Now let us lay out the Pros and Cons of becoming a CDL Class A Tractor Trailer Truck Driver

The Pros of becoming a Truck Driver (Many good reasons why you should become a Truck Driver)

Where else can you go to school for 4 weeks and get a guaranteed a job upon graduation?

  1. Job Security! There is always a huge demand for truck drivers!
  2. Good Pay from day one!
  3. Job Stability!
  4. Excellent Benefits plans for you and immediate family members including Health and Vision!
  5. 401 K Retirement Plans!
  6. Signing Bonuses!
  7. Driving Bonuses!
  8. Tuition Reimbursement Programs!
  9. The opportunity to travel and see the USA!
  10. Paid Vacations!
  11. Career Advancement Opportunity!
  12. Not being stuck in a stuffy office environment!

The Cons of becoming a Truck Driver (10 things you should consider before becoming truck driver)

  1. On the road away from home!
  2. Driving in inclement weather!
  3. Sleeping in truck usually at a truck stop!
  4. Usually limited to truck stop food! (although most truck stops have good restaurants now)
  5. Being alone most of the time!
  6. Spending time off in your truck or at truck stop! (now most truck stops have entertainment facilities)
  7. Always having to use the truck stop public showers and restrooms!
  8. Nuts on the road – meaning rude drivers – cars and trucks!
  9. No, cable TV unless you get a mobile satellite dish!
  10. Dangerous job!

Considering the pros and cons for a truck driver and do your research to help you make a good decision.

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