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In present times, there is a need to take out inefficiencies and consistencies from the supply chain. When we take a closer look at the global market, we will discover that materials and good are being handled by different local providers. And, each of the providers has their own requirements, standards, process, as well as methods they adopt in carrying out their business activities.

Note that it can be quite difficult to align their goals and requirement with yours coupled with the fact that the company can be affected by economic downturn. That is, handling the valleys and peaks in demand is one of the major issue someone has to contend with.

Drayage Is Easy With Natex

That is why you need the Natex intermodal logistics. What is intermodal logistics? It involves combining different modes of logistic services like dedicated truckload solutions, port and rail container drayage, warehousing and distribution, terminal operation, as well as transloading. The Natex Intermodal is one of the largest intermodal logistics that you can find in Chicago. Our services include workforce management solutions, delivery of comprehensive transportation, and others which are:

  • Domestic Intermodal Trucking Solutions
  • International Intermodal Trucking Solution
  • Local Chicago Transloading
  • Warehousing Solutions

Drayage Is Easy With Natex

Services 1

We are happy to inform you that our top-quality services can be integrated to fit your desired size across the United States or Canada. Due to the fact that our industry-leading solutions are supported by advanced technology and logistics planning, we are rightly placed to ensure:
Connectivity and technology integration among all areas to ensure excellent management, enhanced visibility, and improved velocity.

  • Efficient, fast, and timely movement of your assets and goods to minimize detention charges
  • Information flow and work optimization to streamline payment and processing, invoicing, and the costs of office vendor management.
  • At Natex intermodal, we are bringing excellent innovation into intermodal transportation and distribution. Give us an opportunity to show you what we have got.
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We are one of the biggest, independent intermodal drayage companies in Chicago

Natex Intermodal is a highly experienced intermodal drayage company. We can boast of our long-term collaboration with major ports. This gives us the technical know-how to help you do your job satisfactorily. We are always in touch with our team of drivers to make sure that your goods get the right destination without wasting time. Our secret is focusing on crosstown and intermodal trucking.

Intermodal Trucking

As an experienced and well known largest retailer, we are aware of the technical needs of today’s global company. With numerous years of experience, the Natex intermodal Chicago provides the best services as far as your intermodal needs are concerned.

Furthermore, Natex Intermodal also offer trucking services for ocean and domestic freight. Apart from that, the company supports over the road moves based on case to case. There is a tri-axle chassis for customers with heavier loads. Our ancillary services include delivery services, transloading, and pick up. With Natex Intermodal drayage company, your products are in good hands.

Our access to all railroads inclusive of contracts and ports puts us in a good position to get your job done satisfactorily. Should any issue or problem arise, our team of experienced leaders know what to do to correct every problem. This makes the Natex Intermodal the best choice as far as intermodal solutions are concerned.

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