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If you have been looking at the possibility of a trucking career you may have run across the terms “team truck driving” and “solo driving”. Truck driving can be done either alone or as a team of two. The reason why a team is so useful is one can sleep while the other is driving. This means that a long haul can be done in less time. With solo driving there is only one driver from the start to the destination. These are both two very different types of driving and both have their challenges and rewards.

 Team truck Driving Finding the right partner

Team truck Driving

The biggest problem with team truck driving is you need to find the right partner. You need to find a person that you can trust completely to do the driving while you’re sleeping. A lot of truckers seem to have a problem with this and can’t really get a good night’s sleep while their partner is handling the vehicle. Another challenging part of team truck driving is getting along with the person on your team. You’ll have to have a very good relationship with the other partner since you will be confined in close quarters for days at a time. Many truckers actually abandon the idea of driving as a team since they never find the right partner.

Driving solo means driving alone and some truckers prefer the companionship and the team spirit that goes along with team truck driving. If you are driving solo you’ll be alone for hours on end and have to break every night to sleep. This will slow down your progress and it will take you longer to reach your end destination.

 Team versus solo pay

Driving as a team is usually higher paying than driving solo. This will depend, of course, on the driver and how much experience he has. Some solo drivers make more than team drivers simply because they have been in business for so many years and have been able to rise in seniority and receive a higher pay. Overall, however, driving as a team is higher paying. A driver that is just fresh on his heels in the trucking industry can expect to earn $250-$300 more per week as a team driver. This can make quite a difference to the bottom dollar earned at the end of the month.

 Try team driving, you may like it

If you are looking at trucking as a career you should know about these two options. Once you start driving your truck you should at least experience team truck driving once. This way you can experience it for yourself and then be able to make an informed decision whether it is for you or whether you’d prefer driving solo.

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