Company Paid CDL Training

The definition of Company Paid CDL Training is when a trucking company pays for your tuition cost upfront and in exchange you agree to work for them as a company driver.

The actual terms for each company may vary but the basic concept is the same. The company pays for your cdl training tuition cost upfront and in return, you work for them in order pay back the cost of the cdl training. Most companies offer new drivers a convenient monthly payroll deduction plan to payback their tuition cost. The payments are normally spread out over an extended period, usually 24 months. Trucking companies may also offer a tuition reimbursement program. When considering a company paid cdl training program make sure to ask about the terms and if they offer a tuition reimbursement program?

More informations about CDL training

The information below is intended to give you a true understanding how a typical company paid cdl training program works, what they expect from you and to give you a clear understanding of what to expect. None of this is intended to scare you away, but rather get you prepared and inform you how a company paid cdl training program really works. This way there will be no misunderstanding from either party.

Now that being said, let me tell you a few things that you don’t find out until you are at school. Just like yourself, you were most likely attracted to the training program because it doesn’t require you to take out an expensive loan for thousands of dollars to attend school. Since it’s relatively easy to enroll as long as you qualify, these company paid cdl training programs attract a wide variety of people. Many come expecting an easy free ride, some there wives threaten to leave them if they don’t get a job and so on, you get the picture. This includes the lazy, never had a real job kind of people and the responsible hard working people.There will be a variety of personalities and it’s guaranteed to create conflict. The instructors already know this and must be very demanding just to keep order in the class. This usually simmers down after the first few days. The first week or so the classes will get smaller and smaller until the bad seeds are weeded out.

Company Paid CDL Training programs

CDL Training programs

Company Paid CDL Training programs are generally very fast paced, so pay close attention in the classroom, and on the outdoor skills training range. Stay focused, listen – listen, take notes – take notes, and study – study. Relax and concentrate before taking classroom tests and driving skills exams, you will probably do better. When reading the questions do not assume you know the correct answer, carefully read every answer and then mark your choice. Good news, the majority of test are multiple choice. The instructor will warn you if a test requires written answers and will review the questions along with the answers. So listen carefully and you can easily make a perfect score on every test.

You did not come here to give up or cave in to pressure, so if you listen and take good notes, you will do well. Even if you think you are not good at studying and taking test, relax the instructors will review everything that’s going to be on the test and give you the answers. How much easier can it get that that? The only thing you have to do is to concentrate, listen, take notes, and apply yourself. If you do this, you will ace every test. This is not rocket science, the test are designed for you to pass.

Classroom and field CDL training (3 weeks)

CDL training

On the first day  you will take the DOT physical exam, and drug screen test. Once they are completed you begin the classroom study preparing for your CDL learner’s permit (CDL- AP), which includes a written test on the general knowledge, pre-trip and post-trip inspections, air brakes and combination knowledge exams. This usually takes about 3 days to learn and take the exams. The next step is to travel to the local department of motor vehicle services (DMV) and take the actual written knowledge exams. A CDL- AP permit is issued once all knowledge exams have been successfully passed.

Now it is back to the classroom to learn the DOT rules and regulations, map reading, trip planning and how to keep a log book. Discussion will begin on getting familiar with the equipment (the tractor and trailer). Then it’s time head outdoors to the skills range to practice your driving skills. The instructors will begin with a basic walk around the truck just to get you familiar with the equipment.

The outdoor CDL driving skills range will include teaching how to:

  • pre-trip & post- trip inspection
  • start the truck
  • operate the clutch
  • gear patterns
  • shift gears
  • using mirrors
  • straight backing and serpentine backing
  • parallel parking
  • blind side parallel parking
  • alley dock backing
  • highway and city driving
  • coupling and uncoupling
  • negotiating turns
  • railroad crossings
  • intersection procedures
  • safety procedures and more
  • defensive driving techniques
  • range driving
  • How to respond and handle a emergency involving the truck
  • Take the road test given by a state certified CDL examiner and receive your CDL License

A  CDL Class A license is issued by the state certified examiner after a final road skills test is passed.

Company Paid CDL Training Programs

Company Paid CDL Training Programs are generally fast paced and require you to stay focused, listen, study and get the job done. So pay attention while on the outdoor skills driving range. Many times the instructor will be working with another driver trainee and you are required to observe and learn, this is part of your training. This is referred to as the observation stage of the CDL training. (Tip #4) Observe, you may learn something so be ready, you may be next). There are times that you will be standing around at a particular station such as the parallel parking station so pay attention. You are suppose to be observing, so don’t get distracted, don’t get involved in chit chat with the other student drivers.You could miss out what the instructor is saying. do not get caught up in the gossip mode, talking on your cell phone or doing anything other than watching the trainer. Remember, you could be next and the instructor will only give you so many tries to get it right. If you mess up too many times, the instructor may be waiting for you to mess up one more time. Don’t do it, don’t get on the bad side of the instructor. Fast paced Company Paid CDL Training Program(s) can be tough so be prepared, in order to survive. Each student driver is graded at every stage of the training program and evaluated at the end of the day. The last thing you want to hear is, We are sorry, but you need to pack your bags, you are going home. Your one-way greyhound bus ticket is at the front desk, the shuttle bus is in the front of the building waiting to take you to the bus station. That’s it, it’s over you are going home, end of story. Next! Don’t put yourself in a situation that could cost you your career.


A 3-day company orientation to become familiar with all the policies and procedures. You will go back to the class room   to finish all the paperwork for the final phase of your application, complete you insurance forms, tax forms,disclosure forms and other paperwork. You will be assigned to a driver mentor meet your dispatcher. OK now you are almost done. One more step of training and you will be on your own.

Over the road (OTR)

On The Job Paid CDL Training.You will be the second seat driver and be assigned to a Mentor that will be your on the road instructor for a period of (6) six weeks with pay. See training pay schedule below! You’ll spend approximately 4 to 6 weeks on the road with your personal trainer learning and developing the needed skills and knowledge necessary to become a Professional Truck Driver. At this point you have successfully completed the on the job phase of the training program and should be ready to begin your new career as a professional CDL Truck Driver. Boot camp is over, it’s reality time. Now you will learn everything they did not tell you in training. This is where the rubber meets the road. The first three months will be your hardest, if you make it through this period, then the chances are that you will make it as a truck driver.

Congratulations, now you can take a deep breath and relax for a moment.

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