life in truck

It probably seems very unreal to think about spending countless hours inside a cab, which leads you to wonder what life inside a truck is really like. Here is a general overview of the living conditions that a trucker experiences when he is driving down the road trying his best to reach his end destination on schedule.

The sleeping area

Most of the semi trucks that you see on the road have a built-in twin bed that attaches to the wall and can be pulled down for a good night’s sleep. The trucker pulls over to a rest stop and pulls down the bed when he is tired and can’t drive any longer. During extreme weather a driver may choose to stop at a motel instead.

 Storage area

 If you have been wondering what life inside a truck would be like, you have probably also been thinking about storage. Where could a trucker possibly put the essential items that he needs to carry along for a long haul? If the trucker is driving solo there is room on the seat and on the floor on the passenger side of the truck. Also, many trucks provide a storage compartment for essential items.

 Keeping food cool

 Most truckers keep life inside a truck simple by carrying an ice chest or a thermal electric cooler. Some drivers also choose to use a small travel refrigerator.

 Bathroom breaks

 If a trucker pulled over every time he needed to go to the bathroom, he’d end up broke. The time it takes to slow down and park this type of vehicle makes stopping for bathroom breaks an option that is not viable.  A driver needs to carry along a portable toilet so that the truck can keep on truckin’.


 A truck driver can choose to purchase an inverter (electric converter) or an APU to provide electricity for personal hygiene devices and possibly cooking equipment. This electricity may also be required for certain support tools.


Life inside a truck is definitely different than what you are used to and it takes some getting used to. After a few weeks on the road, however, this type of lifestyle will become second nature and you’ll develop a routine that quickly becomes your own. If you truly love the open roads, you’ll adapt to living in a truck and will turn your cab into a comfortable living area in no time. A part of the cdl training process includes getting familiar with the cab of a tractor-trailer truck.

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