Women in Trucking

There are thousands of women in trucking nowadays and you’ve probably seen some of them on the road yourself. The trucking industry is attracting a whole new breed of drivers that include women. It’s not that women truck drivers haven’t been driving before, oh no! There have been women truck drivers taking to the roads for many years now. It’s just that nowadays more and more women are choosing trucking as a job option since it is a viable career choice for anyone of any gender, color or creed.

The trucking industry has been dominated by men ever since it began and still is today. The difference that can be seen nowadays, however, is that more women are sitting in the cab as the principal driver and more men are accepting them into the trucking group. Women are becoming a driving force in the trucking industry and earning the respect of their male counterparts.

Is There Place For Women in Trucking

Place For Women in Trucking

If you are a woman and thinking of switching over or starting a career in trucking, you need to understand that women in trucking is still a work in progress. While most male truckers you will encounter will treat you as an equal, there are still men that believe that women have no place in a cab. If you’re the type of woman that cowers down to intimidation, becoming a trucker should not be your chosen field.

You’ll need to have an inner strength and a true belief in what you want to do and achieve with trucking in order to get through the tough times. Only by connecting with your real goals will you be able to get by. If you have any doubts about trucking at all, you’ll get sucked down by this business. You’ll have to have the fortitude necessary to stand your ground when a man tells you that you have no right being there. In fact, you’ll need the extra strength to not only stand your ground but to know when to walk away from a fight where there will be no winner.

There is definitely a place for women in trucking but it is really only there for women that are truly dedicated to driving as a career. You’ll need to be strong to handle the possible sexist situations that you may run into. It is all also important to note to that you will have to be prepared for the adventure of your life if this is what you really want to do. Women usually do well in the cdl training program because they are generally better listeners and learn easier than men. There are a lot of great men truckers that will give you all the respect you deserve and the support you need as a fellow trucker.

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